How do we locate and fix a bad material?

A while ago, my renders started to appear black and I found out that the reason was bad textures/materials. I found it out by overriding materials while rendering with vray. Now that I have found the problem, what are the possible solutions? I heard that there are extensions to clear all the materials in my project but there has to be some other way right?

I would really appreciate any help :slight_smile:

It depends upon why they are “bad”. Can you share a SketchUp file that shows this problem?

The file is pretty large (1.81GB) so it might take a while, this is because I mainly used 8k textures from ccotextures and poliigon

With a file that large you would need to upload to somewhere like Drop Box and share the link.

There’s no point using texture files that are that large in SketchUp. It will downsample them anyway. Use smaller texture files in SketchUp and swap them out in Vray where the resolution will be a benefit. In SketchUp they are just a liability.

First thing I see is that you have some reversed faces in your model. There should be no exposed blue back faces. Depending on the rendering settings, those reversed faces could be rendered black.

You’ve got a lot of loose geometry in the model.

As I wrote previously, your texture images are excessively larger. Much higher resolution than SketchUp will display. Reducing their size will help with the model’s preformance and if you find they are too low res in your render, they can be replaced with the high res images in Vray.

I used Texture Resizer from the Extension Warehouse. I got the size of your model down to about 24 Mb (98% file size reduction) with no apparent loss of quality in SketchUp.

Thanks alot for pointing out the mistakes, I highly appreciate. Once I finish correcting them ill try and re-render the model and get back to you once its done

You can also go to ‘Extensions/V-Ray/File Path Editor’ and look for any missing material paths and either repath or purge. Sometimes when you get assets from other sources (like 3D Warehouse), the materials may still be pathing to the original author’s hard drive, causing an error in V-Ray.

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Thanks alot for the advice

The render was fixed and everything worked, thank you

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