How do I turn axis snapping back on?


I have a web document that I somehow shut off the snapping to axis (red, green, blue lines).
I started a new document just to see if it was global or per-doucment and its definitely document specific. Ie. it works again in new documents. How do I turn it back on?
Just to be clear, when I select the rectangle tool for instance, I should be able to hover near an axis line and see it snap with a little point indicator on the nearest axis. Current its ignoring those. Please help. Docs are terrible.


EDIT: Oh I see. First hover over the origin, then move away from it (after you get the “Origin” inference) and then try your axis inference.


Here is a gif of what’s happening. Inference is either confused by near by shapes or there’s a bug. I started this project over and snapping worked again. Over time it just stops.


I’ve never seen the Line or Rectangle tool snap to an axis line in either the web based version or the desktop client version. Can you make a GIF that shows it working for you? And just upload the GIF here so we don’t need to go to another site to look at it.


A HA! You first response makes sense now. Sorry. You were exactly right.


So as Dan suggested, hover over the origin to get the inference point.

If you don’t want to do that, though, you can place a guideline on the axis by double clicking on the axis line with the Tape Measure tool. The drawing tools will then snap to that guideline.


Good to know. Thanks!