How do I solve this? "An error occurred while creating the STL file."


I get an error when I try to export this .skp file out of SketchUp Web. I get “An error occurred while creating the STL file.” and then I click “okay”.

Then my file won’t save any longer. Luckily I’ve saved it already. Here’s the exported skp file. Does anyone know why I’m getting this error? The only other thing I could find on this error was related to not having a solid model and I downloaded it and used SketchUp Desktop to run SolidInspector2 and was able to take out two stray edges, but not thousands of errors like others I’ve seen.

My file is 197 MB, looks like the limit is 160. How do I get the file to you all?

Edit: struggling with file upload.

The limit is about 16 not 160.
Purge your model first.
Then upload to dropbox or similar and attach the link here.
I won’t be downloading a file that big but others will.

Thanks for the correction on the upload size!

I won’t bother uploading a file since purging the model fixed the issue!

Many thanks for your help!

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