How do i reduce a solid metal plate to just a profile

I have created an outer profile with an inner detail inside.

Then i used push pull to create that profile and inner cutouts as a 5mm thick solid plate.

I used this solid to create a model to which im happy with.

Now i need to get that plate and its inner cutouts back to the pre push pull state/profile.

This will give me a profile for a laser cutter to follow and cut out a 5mm thick version.

Is there a quick way to do this without leaving all of the vertical lines showing the 5mm depth? i tried push pull to try to get it back to a zero thick surface, but tdoing this leaves all of the vertical lines to the old pushed back face…


Once you have your 3D model, you can extract the 2D plan and elevation information by setting up your views in Parallel projection.

Step 1: Camera > Parallel Projection
Step 2: Orient your model in Plan/Top view (Camera > Standard Views > Top)
Step 3: File> Export> 2D Image> dwg/dxf … be sure to set your prefered Options settings

You can also send the file to LayOut and have it sized onto a sheet fitting your need dimensions… and export from there


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Looking at the extrusion from the side, just use a crossing (right-to-left) selection window to lasso everything except the original face you want to keep and hit [Delete]. Two seconds.


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if i follow your advice gully, i select only the face but non of the vertical line connecting the 2 faces. How i ended up doing it the easiest way was to select (from the side view) only the face i wanted to keep and ctrl + x it then delete the rest and paste in place, that worked for me :wink:

thanks Chris ill try that, but i did find a quick way that i mentioned to Gully below, but thanks for your advice also :smile:

SU has two se;ection modes - lef-to-right and right-to-left. Use right-to-left selection rectangle/window/lasso (whatever you prefer to name it) to select both face and edges. To make life easier - go to “wireframe” view.

As everything with SU there are several other methods to do that. Chris’s one would work but not always.

Another way - very universal - is to create a plane, place it within your 3D model where you want to get a “profile” and use Intersect command to get 2D section.

And there is plugin that “flattens” 3D model into 2D.

Or project 3D model onto 2D plane or other 3D object

etc. etc… :wink:

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No, that’s wrong. If you use a right-to-left selection window, it’ll also catch the verticals.

Time for you to read up on how to select things. Your failure to do so will put you at a huge disadvantage.


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Also, there’s another way to retrieve your original profile that’s as easy (or easier) than selecting and deleting everything above it.

Take a look at the extrusion from the bottom. Your original face is still there: it is now the footprint of the extrusion. You can slide a copy of that original off the bottom using Ctrl-Move (Move-Copy) just like a crooked dealer would slide a card from the bottom of the deck. Remember, you have to take a copy, because the original is stuck to the extrusion, which, once you’ve retrieved your profile intact, you can simply delete.


Edit: In fact, here’s one more that’s easiest of all. You can try it next time this comes up.

Draw your profile, save the file, make your extrusion, exit without saving.


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Thank you for taking the time to explain fully ruslendingur that helps a lot cheers :smile:

indeed it is Gully thanks