Filling in Blank Space

I used push/pull to create a 3mm lip around the edge of my model. Trouble is, on the flip side, that space ended up hollow. As you can see, this is a wallplate, so we would want it to be flush on the one side. (the side that shows when it’s installed). So, how to fill in the blank space I created when I push/pulled? I have tried the push/pull to fill in that space, but can’t seem to make it work. It’s messing up the geometry, also, when exported to STL.
wallplate5.skp (1.3 MB)

tap the control key when you push/pull. then reverse the face created.

I also notice the outer edges of the bottom is on a different plane

THANK YOU!!! You totally rock. I knew there was a simple fix. Here’s what it looks like now.wallplate5.skp (1.3 MB)

I still don’t think its right but Im not sure.

Im not sure what your desired result is.

There are more issues with your model. Here is a quick repair. have a look and see the differences.
wallplate5(1).skp (70.7 KB)


Thanks Box…The boss just dumped a load of work on me…you know, like they do. Can’t wait to have a look.

That’s perfect! Thanks!

So grateful to mics and Box. You were both right. For one thing, the front surface was, in fact on another plane, which threw off the geometry ever so slightly enough that I was unable to properly place the brace piece in the face, resulting in image artifacting and not converting to STL without error…also, resolved that blank space issue thanks to Box…So, I fired up sketchup today, and in about ten minutes, was able to produce this new version…Thanks guys!..Couldn’t have done it without you…These tech forums can often be cruel to newbs. I appreciate your quick response and help…y’all lwill make an expert of me yetwallplate9.skp|attachment (1.3 MB)