I can't seem to make a "Face" on the surface of my model

Hi, i’m trying to create a 3D print prototype of a mounting plate. Because i had to work with minimal information i imported a JPEG 2D drawing of the mounting plate and effectively traced a bunch of 2 point arcs to create a close enough replica. The thing is i cant see a face that i can PUSH\PULL to create the 3rd dimension to my model. Any help would be appreciated.
180 Wedge.skp (175.2 KB)


Trace an edge to form the face, then select all and use intersect faces with to force the other edges to cut the face, then pull up.
GIF 19-12-2021 11-04-29 AM

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Brilliant, i really didn’t expect such a fast reply. Thank you.

I have a weird cutout now though

You are modelling in Parallel Projection, you should use Perspective for modelling and only use Parallel Projection for 2d output.
Change the camera to Perspective and the ‘Clipping’ should go away.
Note the blue colour of your faces, they are the ‘Back Faces’ and should be inside. You got them because you didn’t delete the faces within the holes before pushpull.

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See my previous post. Get rid of the faces in the holes before extruding the face with Push/Pull.

Fantastic. Really appreciate the help :+1: :+1: :+1:

just noticed this?

Yes, that’s how it works because you are pulling one face from within multiple faces. If you go back, undo a couple of times, and remove the faces inside the holes then pull up it will have a bottom face and be white on the outside.

tried that, still empty

Delete the faces in the holes before you extrude with Push/Pull. See my previous posts.


yes did that

180 Wedge.skp (184.7 KB)
I must have missed something

Before I look at your file my guess would be that the edge you used to make the face was to long and cross vertices and made an extra face near the edge.

Try it with this one.
180 Wedge.skp (101.3 KB)

Yep, extra edge.
GIF 19-12-2021 11-45-04 AM

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Box is correct. Two faces. Should be one.

you guys a re guns, thanks.

Why do the walls of @DaveR model look so smooth and the one above not so much?

He welded the curve.
If you mean the look of it, it’s just the resolution of my gif recorder trying to keep the file size down.