How to make a shell from a profile or how to make a solid from a profile and how to close complex holes

I have a complex surface that i would like to make a smooth shell around.
I need to reverse this design back to the privative outline and then cut new holes.
Ideally I will be able to do a “revolve” of the object itself which will create a shell from the profile of the entire object closing all the holes and then making the interior solid or at list 1.5mm uniform thickness.

My goal is to keep the profile and volume of the thing and cut new holes.
Since I also need the uniform thickness it seems best to make it solid first then create the shell then cut the design.


Draw the profile as a face that is the thickness you want, use follow me with a circle to loft the bulb shape, group it and if done correctly it will be a solid. Create the hole pattern as individual shapes thicker than the skin of the bulb. Make them all a group, once again if done correctly they will form a solid. Subtract the hole solid from the bulb solid.
Do all this scaled up to avoid tiny faces.

the surface to too eclectic to trace.
That is why i need to have the volume generated by the profile. If the skin was continuous I could just take it from the Interact function.
I need something to interpret the volume from the profile. And I need something to generate that profile so It can be lofted or whatever comes next.
Thickness? There is no thickness at this point just the shell for now.
Then I will thicken the shell to 1.5mm then cut the holes but I need a new clean solid or shell of a globe to start.

upload your model?

Nevermind “Joint Push Pull” did it just right.
Thom Thom should be made CEO of SketchUp.

joint pushpull is a Fredo tool not Thomthom

oops right, i was pulling down a lot of extensions to get it the way I wanted it.
Whoever Fredo is they are a peer to Thom Thom, they can co-chair the post.


I remember sitting at the same table as @thomthom at basecamp 2018 when someone was trying to explain what great extensions he was using and didn’t noticed he was sitting right next to the developer…:grinning:


It’s always fun at BaseCamp to walk incognito to collect feedback on SketchUp and extensions. :slight_smile:

It was a delight to co-chair the dining table with Fredo after post-conference of DevCamp in Leeds 2017. He’s truly one of the masters.