How to make a shell


I have this object → aa.skp (142.9 KB)

I want to 3d print only the shell of it, I mean, I want to remove the red part so I can have a shell of exactly 1.5mm thick in all the faces. I am trying hard but I cant find an easy way to do this.

I just erased the edge between the horizontal red and the vertical red faces and then drew in lines parallel to the outer lines starting from the lower corners.

You need to do something at the point. Either draw a line across and then erase the edges I’ve highlighted or change the shape a bit so there’s more thickness out at the point.

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This is not good… redrawing the main draw is not efficient and the tip of the object still is messed up. My method is a little better than yours but I am not still happy with it: I copied the objcect and scaled down the copy in 95%. So I placed the new copy inside the original object and subtracted the new object from the original. But I think there must be a better way to do this cause I had to guess a few times to find the 95% is the right to me.

OK fine. What I did took only a few seconds. It wasn’t at all difficult or inefficient. I didn’t have to guess (guessing is inefficient) and I created what it is you wanted. But if that’s not satisfactory, never mind.

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I tried two methods… The first was the same as what @DaveR Recommended… This took less than 20 seconds and gave me this:

Then I tried deleting all but the lower “shell” and running Joint Push/Pull on it and got this:

The second method was quicker, but the geometry at the tip seems very wrong.

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