How to clean this up?

The faces of the model aren’t flat. I want them flat or at least simplified. Can I use an extension for it?

task clean this up.skp (95.2 KB)

Pushing the top face onto the bottom face (distance 16m) makes them both to disappear. So I can assume that all “vertical” edges are indeed vertical and that both mentioned faces are completely parallel. Otherwise SketchUp doesn’t make them disappear.

So to simplify cleaning up I would suggest to start from just the bottom face (delete the rest.
Now its much easier to only move vertices to get them in line. Only then pull up the resulting bottom face again 16m.

To move a vertex select the ‘Move’ tool and with nothing else selected hover over the vertex. Once it pops up as a green dot (+ popup text “Endpoin”) click on it and move it in the desired direction: perpendicular to and towards base axis (each time new drawing axis through fixed desiren points).
See image for clarification.

You don’t need an Extension.

Open your SKP.
Model Info > Units - set to 3dp, snap off.
Change the Style to NOT have ‘extensions’ to the edges’ corners - but keeping ‘endpoints’ is useful for the upcoming steps…
Look at it sideways on and select the top parts ‘by fence’ - deselect one vertical edge so you have something to PushpPull to later - now delete the rest.
Now you have the ‘base’ face.
Select that face and reverse it so when we extrude it in a minute or two the result is not reversed…

Use the Move tool with nothing selected.
Pick an intermediate vertex on an edge that is divided unnecessarily.
Drag it to an edge vertex so they merge.
Go around the base and move all unneeded vertices to the corners.

PushPull the base face up to the extent of the retained vertical edge.

All fixed inside 2 minutes.


Following along with @TIG comments. . . I’m not finding this ‘3dp snap’ setting in the SU Mac version.

Maybe it’s just not around?

or possible rebranded under another name??

Model Info > Units - set to 3dp, snap off
set to 3d[ecimal]p[points - e.g. 0.000] , [COMMA] snap [ing=] OFF

I do tend to assume a minimal level of deductive-ability in you guys…

maybe you need a gif…

Thanks Guys,

I already know of this setting… just didn’t recognize the abbreviation which @TIG used.

I was thinking along the lines that it was a new setting which toggled on/off 3D point snap, of a z-axis nature. …restricting it to a single plane of say x/y.