How do I recreate these 'tubes'

I fear this will be a long winded question for a very simply query, but I don’t know how else to ask this…

I made this wall mounted Allen Key holder

And it has some countersunk screw slots sunk deep into it:


I like the design, so figured I would take it back to a basic design so I could re-use it for other applications… So I started deleting all of the unwanted geometry and got to this point:

I now need to put the front wall back on with 2 ‘tubes’ extending through it (like the first picture), but I can’t for the life of me work out how… I have tried push/pull/move tools and nothing will give me what I want.l need.

Whats the correct way to do this?

Theoretically just trace one edge to remake the face, then you may need to trace one segment on the circles to cut the face.

I need the countersunk bit deep in the box… I need this


But I am left with this


and I can’t work out how to “Pull” the wides part of the this out to a tube…

Trace an edge on the circle to create a face and pull it out beyond the face.
Or select the end and use the move tool.

I tried using Move and it did this.


But I just tried creating the face first and “puilling” and thats exactly what I want

and now after a bit of intersection and deletes its done

It was that easy… I didn’t even think to try… Thanks for your help