How do I put a face on a wire frame?

Hi there,
I’m brand new to SketchUp and I’m using the web based free version. I’m doing a quick mock up of the theater space I work in and we have these acoustic ceiling pieces that are about 40’ wide by 9’ deep and they are curved. I’ve drawn them up using the basic line tool:

How do I put a face on this? Thanks!

In SketchUp Free you would use the Line tool to draw edges between the vertices on the curves. If the edges aren’t coplanar, you would also need to add in diagonals to create triangles to get the faces to form.

Depending on the exact shapes of the curves, there might be a simpler method to get to the same point but without the model it’s hard to tell.

Schlesinger Center.skp (460.3 KB)

Here is my file.

The technique using native SketchUp tools is to “stitch” the ends together by drawing edges from endpoints on one arc to the corresponding endpoints on the opposite arc.


I see! Thank you very much for the video. Much appreciated.



John’s method was what I was thinking but from your original screen shot I couldn’t tell exactly how those curves are related to each other.

Oh, that is a wonderful method. Thank you.

after @slbaumgartner method you might want to smooth it out too to get rid of lines? If that’s a better look.
Select all - Display: smooth edges/soften coplanar.

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