How do I prevent crashing every time I choose a texture?

We have figured out a way to cope with the crash, but that will only help when we next update SketchUp. We’re still trying to get Apple to look at the problem on their side, in the hope of it getting fixed for all versions of SketchUp.

Hi Colin,

Hope all well!

I have recently as of yesterday began experiencing this problem as well.

Nothing seems to fix it as of yet, I have reinstalled the program, re-installed my Mac etc in order to try and repair to no avail!

Do you have any tips or pointers to resolve?

I can’t use the program anymore, I have used the program with Sonoma since it launched with no major issues.

Please help!?

Thanks Jamie

If you read this thread you’ll see that this is an issue caused by an update from Apple. Other people have gotten around this problem by rolling back the operating system to before that update.

Hi Dave,

I am using the same program on another computer (Mac Mini - M chip not Intel) with the same Apple updates, and On Sonoma with no issue.

Only my new MacBook Pro seems to have the issue! And not until recently! Worked absolutely fine before!

Will Apple resolve or will it be resolved with SketchUp?

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The problem is specific to having the Colors palette set to show materials. If you have any other section selected, the crash won’t happen. We are still trying to get Apple to look at the problem from their side. There is a chance that we’ve been doing things in the wrong way for over 20 years, and now the change Apple made would not have mattered if we had done things in the right way. Worse case is that they won’t be willing to make a work around for our use case.

We do have a fix for the next update we do, but that won’t help older versions of SketchUp. Only a change from Apple would help.

Thanks for the update Colin! Appreciated!

Im taking that the update will repair the issue on the newer versions of SketchUp?

Any idea when the new update will be out?

Appreciate your time on this!

May I suggest it´s time to skip the use of the dreaded Apple color picker that always invades your field of view for no particular reason, and just do it the same way as in the windows version :slight_smile:

Based on what has been reported the ball is truly in Apple’s court. They will have to fix it if it’s going to get fixed. I haven’t any inside information about that. What is clear is that Trimble will make changes to SketchUp to counter this issue created by Apple and will include it in their next release whenever that happens. It’s also clear that the change made by Trimble will NOT help older versions of SKetchUp. Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2021. That version has been unsupported for a while so you can be confident it won’t get any further love from Trimble.

And we get to wait and see what Apple breaks next. They seem to have a history of doing that.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the message, I am using the latest version of SketchUp and update with every update, I just haven’t updated that ok my profile (and will)

So I’ll guess I’ll wait for the update.

Hello Colin,

I have been reporting this issue since July 2023…
And now updated to new sketchup and here you go again worse than ever, just one click to texture and crash every time now…
are you really working on this issue…
I use mac studio and macbookpro both m2max…
all i am getting at as answer is install older version of sketch up etc…
It has been over 7-8 month i cannot use sketchup properly…
my old computer is wiped so i cannot access to skp2021 either…so screwed…


Giving up and start using sketchup 2022 and same exact situaton… change texture crash in one click…I cannot put colors whatsoever… this is really killling me,design due by tomorrow…please help

Thank you for the 23 bugsplats you’ve sent in. It’s interesting that you were getting the problem in macOS 13.2, so far I hadn’t seen that older than 13.4. Now that you’re on 14.3 you will see the problem all of the time.

I also skipped straight from 13.6.4 to 14.3, and so didn’t go via 14.2.1. Which is a shame, because the problem doesn’t happen in 14.2.1.

We do have a work around to the problem in the next update we will release. I can’t tell you yet when that will be.

Thank you for replying but I am telling you it is from macos13 to now… it is not started just now… it has been ongoing since july for me… and i sent you so many emails to you regarding this. also recorded video and sent.
both new file made with skp2018 and skp 2023 becuase using old file can cause this issue etc… i tried everything you guys asked me to
i anyway started 2 construction jobs meanwhile and i was not touching skp2023 so i didnt check if it is repaired or not…
today i finished some 3D and needed to put color in and boom here nothing is fixed after 7 month… i can screen shot all the conversation with sketchup team from july 2023 about this issue here if you need to trace back.

here is the video team asked which was recorded aug 1st 2023

Tomorrow I try with other mac in the office which is 14.2.1 i believe. I hope it doesn’t do same and let you know how i go

hello Colin

Yes you are right and thank you so much, yes it is not crashing on macOS 14.2.1!!!
Have a great day!!!


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The new update for Sonoma (14.4.1) solves the issue!

Let’s sketch it up again!

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