How do I make my model 'Quality'?


Hey guys,

i am currently doing a project that requires me to design a cafe with certain aspects. I have drawn the exterior of the cafe up on sketchup in order to get an idea of shadows and so i could implement exterior factors such as vehicles and trees to get an idea of size.

The model i have made is very ‘pixelated’ and at the end of every line ive drawn there is a little black blob… how do i turn this into a nice atmospheric drawing?! I saw a transformation a while ago and the design originally looked like mine but the finished product was extremely smooth and thats what i want :confused: How do i do this guys? exporting the image doesn’t do anything.

Many thanks, Jed.


quick note:
Check out the Styles window, it has the options you’re looking for to change the line styles, among other effects.


I had a look mate and turning off ‘Edges’ gets the sort of smooth look but it also removed a few components of the building such as the window :confused: sorry for all the questions i have only every used sketchup at a very basic level


That’s odd, I don’t know of any of the presets to remove components. Are you windows done in 3D or just line work?
If you like, post your model and someone may check it out to see if things can be done in a more efficient way.

Or take screenshot of which styles you’re using the windows that disappear.


= “Endpoints” in the style settings


You don’t have to turn off the edge style to get a clean look.
Instead, turn off the various edge treatments. Your previous edge treatments probably had Extension and Endpoints activated. Be sure to Update your style once the changes have been made.



That was my problem it was just linework mate, i just pushed the components inwards a little so ill have something to render when it comes to it :slight_smile: Im only using this model as an exterior atmospheric so not being to fussy on thicknesses! thanks for the advice mate… i usually use photoshop to render images but a lot of people use addons is that correct?


Hello mate, how do i get that window? all i have is is view > edge style/face style which gives me very few options! i downloaded pro not long ago so maybe i need to download something extra?


For rendering, many people get plugins to create photorealistic images. There many plugins, for all types of users, so take a look around and see what you want your objective is before getting one.



Go to Window>Styles. This will bring up the Styles dialog window.
Select EDIT and then the Edges icon (first of 5 icons from the left).
This is where you can customize and create your own person Styles.




Geo… showing me up with graphics.
Dang! well done.


Wow you guys are great! best help i have had on a forum in a long time. Are there any specific settings i should do before i carry on drawing or anything else i might need to know? the model is a lot clearer now and the lines are much smoother which is great! How would i go about getting a few shots of the model? exporting it?

Many thanks guys!


I uploaded that image to Google’s photo repository of the moment back on February 20, 2010.
Only 15,455 views so far. Maybe it’s time to consider turning off endpoints in the templates. Ya think?


You can go to File-> Export-> 2D Image


Every time i do that it exports as the shell ( just all the edges)? and it also exports rather pixelated which shouldn’t be too much of a problem once i render it


Maybe this is because of a OpenGL problem, try some different settings in the OpenGL preferences and see if this helps…
(You can change the resolution for exported images in the options (button right bottom corner of export dialog).)


What is ‘OpenGL’ mate?

many thanks


window -> preferences -> OpenGL …


OpenGL is the set of instructions that SketchUp uses to communicate with your graphics card to produce the image you see on your screen.

When Hardware Acceleration is on, a big part of the needed calculations are sent to the graphics card’s processors. When it is off, everything must be done in your computer’s main processor. This is slow, especially in large models.



Here is a TIP set up your Style that you like to use. I usually deselect everything except for edges. Then go to "File: menu and save as “default template”. Every time you open Sketchup the Style will be pre set. If you want several Styles, simply create a new Scene and change the style to your second preference right click the tab and update the Style. Then re save as default template. You can also save camera location. EG elevations.

I designed Plug in called PlusSpec, it does all of this for you. It is expensive yet very comprehensive (aimed more at VDC Virtual Design & Construction for professional architects and design build firms) will save you hours of drawing time.