How do I make a unique component on mac (free web version)

I can’t figure out how to make a unique version of an existing component. Mac OS. Free web version.

Right click (Context click) on the instance of the component and choose Make Unique.
Screenshot - 6_1_2020 , 9_00_48 AM

No right clicking with the mac mouse.

Context click: Hold Ctrl while clicking.

SketchUp works a whole lot better and more efficiently with a simple 3-button mouse. Left, right, center under scroll wheel.

Bingo! Thank you!

There’s a good chance your mouse has two buttons and you just haven’t configured it to use the other one in System Preferences / Mouse. Even Apple has put two buttons on their mice since about 2005. Unless your mouse is older than your computer, it will have two buttons as a Mac that old wouldn’t run Catalina.
Change that option for now, then get a 3 button mouse as Dave said.

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