How do I link camera properties to a scene?



I’ve created several scenes in my own workflow. I always had the preassumptions that camera properties like; paralel projection or perspective couldn’t be linked to specific scenes.

With making new scenes, apparently, some scenes do remember these camera properties. How do I change these settings? Since I don’t know how to turn it on, I don’t know how to turn it off now.
Can somebody enlighten me on this?

Thank you.


IF you have Camera Location ticked in the Properties to Save, the Camera position and settings such as Parallel Projection/Perspective will be saved as properties of the scene.

Note that if you update a scene and you want to save new camera settings, the box needs to be ticked in the Update panel.


Thank you Dave for your quick reply. But here I can only adjust and link the position of the camera. Not the specific properties I mentioned about paralel projection or perspective or 2-point perspective


Those properties are saved when you create or update the scene. It certainly works that way on this end.


As @DaveR points out, your presumption was wrong.

Providing you have all the boxes ticked as Dave indicates, click on a scene you have created, toggle it from Perspective View to Parallel (or vice versa), then hit update scene. Navigate away to a different scene, come back, and you will find whatever setting you updated to will be retained.


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