How do I go to an entity adress?

I wanted to save the really awesome car I’ve been working on, but it won’t save due to an error. SketchUp prompted me to either not care, or fix it. I pressed fix it, and it said that it was unfixable, thus the file wouldn’t save. it said that the entity had an invalid ID, and the entity address was at b489be30, but I have no idea how to input that address anywhere to get to it, so at this point it’s useless, and I need it if I’m going to find whatever is causing the problem and delete it, so I can save. Does anyone know how go somewhere using an entity address? If so, please help!

In Windows, if you shift-click on the SketchUp icon in the task bar, you get another copy of SketchUp running. You could do that, and then try to copy and paste parts from the other file, into a new file. Try doing that a bit at a time, and do a save after each copy and paste.

If you use Edit, Paste in Place, instead of Paste, that will put the next part into exactly the right location.

Ok. so… It seems apparent that the issue here isn’t simply an invalid ID. I selected everything, deleted it, and then tried to save. it still said that there was an entity with an invalid ID at b389be30, so I hit CTRL+Z to undo the deletion of my car. this means that there is a glitch, because if it still won’t save even after I deleted every single entity there, then…

So, the select all, copy, paste into a new document (in the second SketchUp that is open in the way I said), should give you something that can save.