Can't Save Due to Entity with ID 0

I can’t share a .skp because, well, I can’t save it.

‘select all’ >> ‘copy’ >> ’ paste in place’ into a new SU file, does the issue persist?


Thanks, that worked. Do you know what kind of entity could have been causing this in the first place? I don’t remember doing anything out of the ordinary.

I know one sure way of getting this error:

  1. start a new model. model something. Create a component out of what you modelled.
  2. save the file with the same name you gave the component
  3. Insert the file as a component into some other model. There is now a component definition that references itself.

This is a common error with components posted in the Warehouse, for instance. The right way to get a component out for reuse is to right-click on it and select Save As… from the context menu.


In addition to @Anssi a lot of Cad drawings have this issue as well.

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