What does this (invalid id 0) error mean?

Results of Validity Check.
*** Problems were found that could not be fixed! ***

The entity at address 3c5ecc10 has an invalid id (0) destroyed (0)

It’s happening when I’m trying to save a piece of work, which is two models downloaded straight from the sketch up warehouse, with next to no editing.

I just got the same error message (slightly different numbers though)…

Results of Validity Check.
*** Problems were found that could not be fixed! ***

The entity at address 150f3c00 has an invalid id (0) destroyed (0)

I got it when I downloaded 5 various models from the warehouse (didn’t edit any of them). I have since deleted all of the models I downloaded but I’m still receiving the error message. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Have you purged the component definition list after removing the instances from the model ?

Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused

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Thank you for the tip! I did go in and purge unused and unfortunately I’m still getting the error message (but with different numbers this time). Seems like the file is still saving and functioning though.

I too am having this problem. I made a few simple changes and when saving got a similar massage.
After attempting to save numerous times, I closed the file and re-opened it. All of my changes had saved and when I saved again, the message was gone.

I’m curious though, the others having this problem (Pip24 and jointeriors), do you have text in your file?

Sometimes selecting everything in the model and copy paste into a new SketchUp instance will solve the issue.


This TIP is awesome - it solves the problem. Thanks a lot Dan.

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One way of getting this error message.

  • start a new file
  • model something and make it a component
  • save the file with the same name as you gave the component
  • import the file into another SketchUp model.

The right way to save a component for import into other models is to right-click on it and select Save As from the context menu.

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