How do I get uniform coordinates on the points I make with Point Gadget?

So I create a point using Point Gadget. Let’s say I do this by typing the coordinates via “Enter xyz.” Then I go to “Inspect points,” and look at the point I just created. It’s coordinates are different from the ones I just entered. ??

The only reason I can think of for this happening is if the units of the document are different from the units used for the point. But this is not the case. I can put a point in meters into a document in meters, and this still happens.

Conversely, let’s say I look at the information for a previously entered point and copy down its coordinates. Then I enter a point having those very same coordinates in the same units. It appears in a different place. ??

It’s strange. Did you try this on a new document? (Maybe something else clashing with the plugin)
I just tried to replicate your issue but everything works perfect for me.

Hmm, okay must be something on my end in that case. I’ll keep messing around with settings and I’ll post again if I figure out what was causing the problem.

Poking around online a bit, it does seem others have had the same problem. Here is a discussion addressing the issue:
I’m about to follow the recommendations given there and see if I can fix it.

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