Issue related to units

when I use a very big number as in thousand the script does not provide any output. however, when i use a small number like 5 or 10 the script work very well.

if you have any clue related to this issue, please help me fix it.


It’s not possible to answer without a sample of code that has the issue. Is this related to your other topic?

yes its related to other topic.

i tired the same script with small number. its working well, but when i use the real number as in thousand i have no result.

SketchUp internally uses inches. And all coordinates are limited to a precision of 0.001".
And two points closer than one thousandth of an inch, will be converted to a coincident vertex.

So there’s not much sense in using those crazy numbers with the minute decimal fractions down to the width of a molecule. :roll_eyes:

What script?

your issue is with ‘distance’ not ‘units’,

why do you want to move entities 500 km [approx]…

an overview of what you are actually trying to achieve should be added in the original thread…


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Yes right with distance the issue. when i use such far far distance i experience this issue, im trying to built a 3D model for a downstream area of a dam so that i extract this distances from GIS. its scaled and need to be in that location to be fit with the other objects.