Exact dimensions from where?

Hi everyone.
I’m a new user ( and new for 3D drawing) so forgive me if this issue is already solved or if there is any problem but behind this screen… Actually I have two problems for now.

I bought 3D printer and trying to print some test pieces, but as I draw circle, radius 42,8mm ie diam. 85,6mm, SketchUp Make will draw 43mm radius. Why?

If I draw a line 20,2mm, entity info will show “~20mm”. Why can’t I get exact value??


Set your Model Info > Units to display more numbers after the d.p.
So then your ~20mm will display as 20.2mm etc - the ~ is SketchUp’s way of showing you that the displayed dimension is an approximation of the real dimension - as a result of your Unit settings curtailing the value displayed - it is still 20.2mm
Also do NOT have any length ‘snaps’ set in the Units settings…

Be warned that using very very small distances in SketchUp can cause issues, so perhaps modeling in meters [without units displayed you can just assume mm] could avoid them.
You can then scale everything down back to the desired mm size before exporting for printing…***

In SketchUp two points closer than 1/1000" will be considered coincident and the tiny edge they define won’t be created, and because faces need a loop of edges they can be missed out too.
***Tiny geometry can ‘exist’ in SketchUp [e.g. after scaling down] but it cannot be ‘created’.


Thank You TIG.

I’ll give a try for meters.

Don’t forget to scale down before exporting and printing except if you have a lot of filament :wink: