How do I get my Trial Sketchup file to open with my newly purchase App version?


I finished my Trial Version and created files. Now I cannot open them via the App version I just purchased. I tried to upload via 3D Warehouse but the file was too large…?



What version did you purchase? Your profile is confusing because it doesn’t have the correct information.


The web version for $119, not the Pro version.


OK. So you’re using SketchUp Shop. How are you trying to open the file you created in SketchUp Pro?

How about correcting your profile with the right information to avoid future confusion.


Will do on the correction, all new to me. I tried opening it but since it is on my desktop, not the cloud it did not see it. Also tried uploading it to 3D Warehouse but the file is 60MB and too large…


Did you click on the File folder icon and Open? If so, it should take you to your Trimble Connect account where you should be able to add a model.


Then click Browse on the right side of the screen and select your SKP file from your computer.

Alternatively, you could use File>Insert and then select the file from your computer.

Be aware that it may take a little time to open if it’s too large to upload to the Warehouse.


Thanks, the Insert worked but brought it in as a component, which I have not been able to break apart. Very cumbersome, need to upgrade or get a refund.


Why don’t you just right click on the component and select Explode?

Or use the first method as I described.


Got it. Waiting for it to save…