Can I upload my local sketchup pro skp files to web shop version?

Hello, Can I upload my local sketchup pro skp files to web shop version ? Thank-you.

Yes. What version of SketchUp Pro are you using? The answer to that question will help to determine how.

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Hello, I use the Sketchup 2021.
(I want to migrate to Linux and in that way, it look that the only good solution is the web version.)

I already tried with the free version, but nothing append when I open a local skp file.

I prefer know if that is working before to pay :slight_smile:

Thank-you very much.

When you open SketchUp Shop you can choose to Open a file from your device. Navigate to where you saved it on your computer, and open it.

Screenshot - 12_9_2021 , 8_19_33 AM

Thank-you :slight_smile: It’s what I tryed. After selected the file, I get a message saying that it’s a big file. I agree, then nothing append. But I tried that in the free version. I have not yet payed for the shop version.

How big is the SketchUp file? Maybe you need to clean it up first. Go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click on Purge Unused. Then save it and try again.

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Great, after a ‘Purge Unused’ that is working. Thank-you very much :slight_smile:

Is there a maximum size ? because I have some others big skp files.

Subsidiary, is the ‘Solid Inspector’ function is working in the Shop version ?

Thank-you very much :slight_smile:

So that implies you had a bunch of unneeded stuff in your model Likely it’s components and materials that came from the 3D Warehouse that you later deleted from your model. In any version of SketchUp it’s important to clean that stuff out periodically.

I expect there is some practical maximum although I don’t know exactly what it is. Part of that limitation will be due to your internet connection speed and how long it takes for a Save to occur. Remember with SketchUp Shop your files will be saved in the cloud.

If the file you were working with is indicative of your other files, purging unused stuff will be important.

Yes. Solid Inspector does work in SketchUp Shop.

Thank-you very much :slight_smile: Now, I’l pay for the Shop version :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome.

Please remember to correct your forum profile to reflect that you are using Shop. That information helps us help you.

Out of curiosity, what sorts of things are you modeling?

Beside that the ‘Solid Inspector’ function is implemented…
Be aware: In the web version you can not install any extension!

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I design small mechanical parts for small machines, improvements, repairs as for Repaircafe… A bit like everyone:-). You can see a few “general interest” pieces on my Thingiverse if you want. : Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects.

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