Using a local .skp in Sketchup for Web

I had been using Sketchup 2016 (free) until this evening, when it gave a warning about the pending demise of its features.

So I would like to try out the web based version, but I would also like to access a complex file that I have been working on until now.

Is there a way to upload a local .skp file to Sketchup for Web?

Thank you!

There are several ways, one of which is:

Was that Sketchup Make 2016? If for non-commercial use, that should continue to work, minus a few features exclusive to the trial Pro version like Solid Tools, Layout, and various file import/export functions.

Or you could upgrade to Make 2017 if your computer will run it (it needs good graphics card and drivers), which is still available for non-commercial use and runs (with plugins if needed) on your local computer. Search this forum for links to download the installer for it.

When you open a .skp file in SketchUp for Web, you are given the choice to choose a file from a local directory (which is than copied and accessed only locally from the browser’s local storage) or from Trimble Connect (cloud storage).

You can then also save a file to Trimble Connect (which corresponds to uploading).

Thanks very much! I’ll check out the 2017 update.

The main feature that’s ending is 3d Warehouse. I was able to open my file by inserting it as a component into the online version, but it kept crashing and I wasn’t able to save it there. Too big I think.

Also looked like the viewing options were limited - I couldn’t make the camera view as a wide angle lens.

Looks like I’ll finally need to pay for it after 20 years if I want to use Warehouse components.

Thanks - I couldn’t find that option (using the folder icon pull-down), but I did try to use the “Drag a model anywhere onto the screen” option. Unfortunately my file seems to be too big. I was able to insert it as a component, but then the file kept crashing. Probably too big.
Thanks again!

SketchUp 2017 Make still allows direct download from the 3D Warehouse for now. You can download the Collada file from the 3D Warehouse and import that into SketchUp 2016 Make.

If it’s for hobbyist use Those options should be satisfactory and you should be able to use SketchUp Free. If you are using it for commercial work of any sort then you do need to pay for it and at this stage you’d get SketchUp 2019 or SketchUp Shop.