How do i get 8000x8000 square transparent png

I can’t speak for the OP but a few years ago I had a client that had very specific pixel size requirements for plans and elevations that were to be delivered as transparent PNG.

They did pre-fab construction and had an internal browser based pricing system - the sales guys could take the customer’s email or website form submission and drag and drop and create a proposal. This was linked backend to pricing software so it generate the pricing proposal with a few images.

It took me a few tries to get the setup correct but I generated the images out of LO.

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Yeah for sure! But since the days we were all in nappies (60’s for me) the only reason of wanting an actual pixel size must be printing or projection at scale to floor! Here, neither makes sense!

At print scale 300 pixels = 26+ inches, but even at signage size 1:5 this is massive, and always best reproduced via vector! I’d suggest the client needs an updated education!

My client? Or OP?

Mine were around 3k wide, but they all were to the same scale, so a pixel represented the same exact dimension from building to building. This is the only thing I don’t understand from the OP - generating these from SKP means the scale will be different from file to file and even from view to view. But perhaps that isn’t important to what they need.


I have sometimes also been required a specific pixel count images to be used in the UI for the building’s HVAC automation system. These are sometimes quite “legacy”.


yeah, when you’re a graphic designer, if the client asks you specifically for a certain format, size, colour mode etc. it’s usually for reasons.

In similar cases, I could produce the file exactly as asked, then maybe provide what I would think is a better solution (extra). but at the end of the day, it’s just a file, and if the client’s happiness rests on having it 8000x8000 px, I’m totally fine with it.

Plus, here we see things that could be made in vector mode. but who knows their process, maybe they ask the same regardless of the content of the image to ensure a similar visual result.

we don’t know, how can we judge ?


Sorry mate, the OP! I often believe, clients ask for images of plans simply because they are none the wiser! Although we understand the simplicity of generating images to what ever size, a little education toward the client can help them produce a better outcome!

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