How do i get 8000x8000 square transparent png

how do i get square image of 8000x8000 in a png format with transparent background is it possible in sketchup pro…because i tried but when im typing 8000 the height automatically changes…if it is possible in layout or sketchup pro please tell me…

8000 x 8000 what? SketchUp models in real world units, so the idea would be to import your image, then scale it up to the real world size of the thing in the image.

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It sounds like you want a square image exported. If so, you need to make the model window in SketchUp or the paper in LayOut square.


Is that the goal? An export? Ok…. Guess we need more info because we are clearly not clear on what you are trying to do, here!

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If you are exporting - the plan is wide in screen, so set that dimension in your export to 8000, then open the PNG up in an image editor and expand the canvas to 8000 tall.

i want 8000height and 8000 width…

yes thats correct…i want square image
can you tell me in brief how to do it…

it will stretch the image.

Save the file on sketchup and send it to layout, there configure the document so it has a square page and set the scale on the sketchup tray, then export as png, on the options set the height and the width should be the same since it’s a square document, tick the transparent background box.

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where to set the scale

On the sketchup tray, it’s usually on the right side of your screen, if you don’t have it, go to window, default trays and activate the ones you need, for this task only the sketchup tray is necessary but it’s good to have them activated for future projects.
You can learn how to use layout here:

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Not if you modify the canvas size adding to the overall image. If you just try to type in new size it will stretch it.

In photoshop you can change the image size or the canvas size. You need to alter the canvas size - this will add pixels around your original image.

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yes thats right…but cant we do this in sketchup only…thats my question…if we can do it? then how…

I told you how. Make the model window square before exporting the image.

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there are extensions to set a certain screen ratio. you need to put a screen ratio of 1/1

From there you’ll be able to export a square image that’ll show exactly what you have on screen.

I don’t have SU on the computer I’m on right now, but a quick search should give you possible results (on the forum or the extension warehouse)

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but how thats what im asking…how do i make model window please tell me in brief…it will help me a lot

k let me try it…

Eyeball making the model viewport square, then export.

You can also try this extension, then export:


i tried but its not happening. it is exporting in different size…less than 800