How do I fix this issue with my office chair seat?

Seat - Corner

Can someone please help me with this seat? I have used cutting models to shape this seat and i have achieved the right curves for it, however as you will notice in the attached picture that it has a sharp corner. Is there any way i can remove this? I have tried using the cutting model method but it keeps telling me that the seat isn’t solid.
I will be making similar models of office chairs in the future and would like some tips on how to draw up seats like this. Is there an easier way to make a seat with curves in different directions?
Thanks in advance.

It’s not possible to tell just from images.

Can you upload the SKP file itself, so someone can have a look?

It’s possible that either the FollowMe tool or Fredo6’s Round Corner plugin could fix the sharp corner.

And Solid Inspector2 plugin could help you analyse why the seat isn’t solid - again, one can’t tell just from the image.

Sorry…Please see the skp file attached.

As rendered onscreen (Style) it’s impossible to see the geometry.
Render the model in a way that’s to your advantage.
• Turn shadows OFF
• Turn Monochrome ON
• Turn Hidden Geometry ON

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I am also having a bit of trouble placing a texture on the back of the seat. I have managed to place it on there but what i am really wanting is to have a seamless texture. I have tried the method of importing the texture into one of the squares and projecting it to the others but when i do that it always ends up messing up somewhere down the track due the curvature of the surface. Is there any way i can get a texture to look seamless on the back rest?


I can’t get Fredo’s Round Corner plugin to work.

Way more geometry than necessary.
Overly complex geometry doesn’t make a model look better.
It does make the model more difficult to work with and weighs heavily on performance.

What would be the best way to make a cushion seat with the curves like that, whilst reducing the geometry and getting rid of the point??

OK, thanks DaveR i will try that. Any ideas how to make the cushion so that the end result is smoothly curved, as opposed to points and unnecessary lines?

Ok. In the centre of the seat, the cushion has a concave. How do i go about getting the right concave?

Ok i will try them. Yes this model will be placed into a larger office model with desks etc…

Then it is already overly complicated, especially the seat, back and wheels.

Yes, for file size but the both halves count fully when the model is open in SketchUp. Less overall polygons is the target.

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