How do I find serial # for new SU Pro Subscription?

Just purchased.
SU sent me License code (below)
Can someone tell me where to find serial # ( or is SU site down?)?


There is no serial number. Use your email address and password that you used when you purchased the subscription.

Message instructs me to use classic license, which asks for one…

No. Since you purchased a subscription license, click on Subscription at the top under LICENSING.

What message is instructing you? My guess would be that you are looking at an old article on how to authorize a persistent license as opposed to a subscription. @Daver is telling you exactly what you need to do.

This one, where I would normally login…

Well, since there is no Classic license anymore, the Add Classic License doesn’t apply to you now. Sign out of SketchUp under the Help Menu and sign back in. Or go to and sign in there.

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After some back and forth with customer service, it is working thanks!

And the upshot was using your e-mail address and password, correct?

No. I had done all those things before.
Not sure why it suddenly opened up…

Hickup of the servers:

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