How do I find help?


I pay for maintenance and support I have tried three times to get help with this program.

Simple little problems that are incredibly hard to describe. I have been using this program for several years now and done several successful projects with it till I BOUGHT THE PRO VERSION! explain that first of all.

I figured out why my models were getting distorted ---- somehow the origin changed location
I figured out the clipping problem ------ switch camera views then switch back (this is a bug I am convinced)

But how do you phrase these dilemmas so I am directed to the correct forum?

My latest 2 stupid settings that randomly changed:

*My select tool does not highlight things in blue.

 *I click on a component to edit it and it creates an x ray version where it is supposed to be and an actual looking component  up and to the left a couple feet away 

I am asking for help with these two problems but more importantly what does my “maintenance and support” get me? I cannot wait 72hrs to fix problems.


Could you describe what happens instead when you select your objects? And please provide screenshots or your model (.skp file), so people can have a better guess.


For this one, it sounds like:

  1. Your selection colour was changed in the Styles/Edit/Modelling Settings tab, where one can manipulate the highlight colour of a selected object.


  1. If you downloaded a model file from the 3D Warehouse from users who changed their highlight colour,that changed colour will remain a style attribute in their file until you change it back.


  1. The geometry is “locked” in which case the default highlighting is red.

Those are my guesses, but as @filibis said, providing screenshots or .skp might get you more responses.


The Pro and Make editions are the same, except that the Pro edition has a few more features (Solid Tools, Generate Report, etc.,), can run Pro only extensions (Advanced Camera Tools, etc.,) and has professional use file format importers and exporters.

Generally (until you know what goes where), just post your questions (one to a thread) in the main SketchUp category, and if it should be in another category, one of the sages or admins can easily move it. (All topi threads in a Discourse forum is really in the same database, and the categories are just filtering field.)

To search the forum, use the magnifying glass menu at the upper right.


The question phrasing about the bounding box seems fine. All too often that’s related to the graphics driver OpenGL support. I notice you have integrated Intel graphics. Have you gone to your computer manufacturer’s site and updated the driver? The required OpenGL support increases with each SU version release.


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