How do I eliminate the unneeded texturing from this model?

My title isn’t the most explanatory, but hopefully I can explain it better below.

So, I’ve been modeling some scales (handles, basically) for a Kershaw Leek knife. I’m attempting to improve on the original design a bit, and add some texturing. This is where my problem comes in.

Below is the basic shape of the scales I’m making. The inset portion is where the texturing is supposed to go.

This is the basic texture I’m planning on using. Just sort of a basic pyramidal grid texture.

The finished texture in the scale should look something like this:

The problem I’m having is with the leftover texture stuff that’s around the edges. Is there an easier way to get rid of it other than a lot of tedious selecting/deleting or using the Eraser?

Here’s the SKP file in case you want to take a look for yourself. It does have the rest of the scale too in case you’re curious.
kershaw leek scale- front.skp (1.1 MB)

Thanks for looking!

As you are using the free version you are limited by not having solid tools available. So I would take the shape you want and make it a group and extrude it through your scales, explode the scales themselves down to raw geometry, select them and use intersect faces with Model to give you the line to follow for deleting the excess. Then, yes it’s a matter of select and delete or the eraser tool, pretty quick tho.

GIF 1-03-2022 12-25-44 PM

Yeah, I was afraid of that. Well, thanks for answering @Box!

I would get a fancier version of SketchUp, but I don’t think I could justify $100/year for something that I don’t use all that often. And the free version does work for most stuff I do.

Hey guys. Do you think it is possible to use soften/smooth as an intermediate step to remove parts after intersect with model? Sorry I don’t have latest version so this is a mock-up.

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Yes, that works.

How would you do that, exactly?

In your “texture” component select all the edges and faces of your “texture” geometry. Use the Soften/Smooth dialog to soften the edges completely. Position your shape for trimming with the texture component. Enter (edit) the texture component and select the smoothed surface. Choose “Intersect Faces / With model” from the contextual menu. Choose “edit component/ hide rest of model”). Select the surfaces you don’t want and delete. Use the Soften/Smooth dialog to harden the edges again on the remaining texture. Exit the component.

Sounds like a lot, but I could have done it five times while typing this.

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Thanks! I actually already used @Box’s method for this scale, but I’ll try that for the other side.

You know that you don’t have to model the other side if it’s the same only mirrored?