Faster way to remove excess lines on the edge of a pattern?

I have a pattern of circles I want to draw a line through and keep only what’s left on one side of the line. Imagine cutting through a sheet of swiss cheese. I start with the left pattern and want to end with the right:

Is there a faster way than drawing my “cut” line and manually removing the excess? Right now I’m highlighting the holes on the bottom side of the line and deleting, then clicking on the excess pieces of the line that bisect the holes and deleting them one at a time. This pattern is going to be huge (thousands of holes on an edge) so I need a faster way. Thanks!

Select the face you want to remove with double click, then make it a group and delete it.

Sorry, no I just realised the line crossing the holes is the issue. Too early for me, should go back to bed.

Here you go, triple click, shift double click, delete.


Thanks Box!

This just popped into my head, I read it at the time but didn’t take it in.
You may find that using a texture is far better than creating thousands of holes.
A .png image of the holes can create a texture, saving you from bogging down a model with a huge amount of geometry.