Quick way to distribute holes


Are there quick and efficient ways to delete all holes (components) that aren’t totally over the big circle?

holedistribution.skp (1.6 MB)


If you created the holes using a circular array, would you be able to make them fit inside, without having to delete?
Just a thought.


I don’t know of a plugin that would do it but you really only need to erase the the ones on the edge of the large circle and that isn’t very time time consuming… Then explode all of them, double click on the green face to select just it and not the faces within the small circles. Copy that selection and extrude it. For the screen shot moved the copy over to one side so it would show. In practice I would use Edit>Copy to put it on the clipboard. Then I was select all and delete followed by Edit>Paste in place.


That are excactly the steps I’ve used to create the simplified example. :wink:
But in the real model, there are hundreds of smaller circles and the manual way is getting exhausting.


That would change the pattern of the holes and isn’t an option in this case. Thank you for the suggestion anyway!


Yeah, I weren’t sure about how critical the pattern was. I thought about how the array would follow the circle leaving a uniform outline. However, making it for the hundreds you have could be a daunting task anyway.


Ich würde mit CURVIZARD von Fredo6 die große Kreislinie mit den angeschnittenen Lochkreisen welden und löschen.

Der große Kreis ist ja schnell neu gezogen.

Allerdings müsste von Anfang an so vorgegangen werden, wie mühlbauer das im sketchup-forum.de dort zum Thema Lochblech beschrieben hat ( https://www.sketchup-forum.de/Thread-Lochblech-schneiden ).

Lochblech_700x950_work.skp (2,4 MB)
There is only to delete the welded line along the guide line and to redraw instead a straight line.
(cotty of course a circle).

Warum hier die Löcher als Komponenten fungieren erschließt sich mir nicht - dafür hätte ich dann auch keine Lösung.


Can somebody explain me, why my method should not be a solution?
holedistribution_solution.skp (350,2 KB)

How to get that is descripted in my first posting.


Nobody wrote that it can’t be a solution, I just haven’t had time to have a detailed look at it…


Ist mir sowieso nicht klar, wer den Haken setzt. Als gültige Lösung können das schließlich 2 Parteien beurteilen: der Fragesteller oder die Vertreter der Hersteller von SU bzw. Plugins.
Im obigen Fall gilt natürlich mein ausdrücklicher Dank dem Schreiber des erwähnten Plugins (curvizard).

BTW : beim Versuch die Komponenten zu ändern (was m.E. die einzige Rechtfertigung für ihre Erstellung ist) stürzte SU bei mir ab.

I sent the splash as wanted.