How Do I Draw the Scroll Ends of an Ionic Column Head?

The topic says it all.

Is this a Fibonacci progression? I think so, but I have no idea how to use the SU tools to draw it


Search for “How to draw a volute” … for example:

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That’s a great link, Jim. For drawing curves like that in SketchUp, the Curvemaker extension from the EW would be useful.

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I found what I think are better instructions for drawing a volute. I think it explains the steps more clearly. Unlike the instructions first linked to above, this set draws the first 3 sides of what would be the first rectangle in the first instructions _then proceeds to draw the first arcs of the volute.emphasized text Thereafter it is simply iterations of the first steps to go to subsequent rectangular forms drawing the arcs on each as you go. This makes it very easy to detect any error that might have crept into the process.

Please understand that it has been more than 50 years - closer to 60 - since I did the sort of math involved here; therefore the process as first described did not come clear for me. The second one simplifies the entire process into iterative steps. If you get the first one right, the others are easy.

It would have been much clearer in both examples, for me, if the authors had simply explained that a constant would be used to divide each into the length of each line to produce the length of the next line. That constant is 1.1666666666 derived from the ratio, 7:6:5.143 and showing the derivation as 7 divided by 6 (first ratio factor divided by the second).

See what you think.

alternative explanation for drawing volutes

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