Ascending Ionic volute

I am going to be building a mantle that has ionic volutes on the legs…I am modeling it in sketch up…but having a difficult time drawing it.

here is a picture of it. I haven’t been able to find any good resource of instruction. There is a video on youtube that has a similar application, but its for Rhino…

I think that the information in this referenced thread may be useful:

If yoo search the Forum, a solution will most likely already have been uploaded by one of the Sages, (such as the response in the referenced thread by @DaveR, or any of the other very talented participants in this Forum}.

I have not a solution but a question for a particular display in the video you refer.
It’s about the view with 4 different viewpoints. How du I get this template or is it a plugin I have to use?
I use Sketchup Make 2016.

That’s not a view from SketchUp. There’s no way to do that in SketchUp with either a template or a plugin.

The view you reference was generated by Rhino, a completely different software than SU. You are able to produce similar views using SU, but these would occur in various scenes and not be visible in a single screen shot.

Yes I read through that article (duplicating ionic volute…but it didn’t seem to touch on the ascending ramping of the spiral.

I want the spiral to build upon its self about 1/4 in each pass…I downloaded curve maker but with no avail. There seems like there should be an easy approach

Doesn’t answer the question of how to draw it, but if you just want to use one, there are quite a few on the 3dwarehouse.

Search for “ionic column” (127 results) or “ionic capital” (27 results). or

Just serach the net there are some 10^6 or more links for Drawing An Ionic volute;
The Draw metal plugin has many of the classic curves and guess it will have that

Yes Ive looked but the videos all demonstrate drawing the volute, but creating the volute 3d…in a layered fashion.

What do you mean by “in a layered fashion”?

It is possible to draw one. This is a rough one starting with a Bernoulli Spiral from the Curve Maker extension.

thats exactly what Im looking to do! I have curve maker…but haven’t been able to get it to do what your showing?!!

Ive only been able to get the spiral to go, but not a 3d ramp like your showing?

are there any basic instructions to show exactly what you did?

Thanks for your reply. Is there a tutorial how to create the 4 views in different scenes? I have only made a few attempts with scenes, and I’m not a experienced user of Sketchup. But I’m fascinated by the possibilities of the program.

Not yet.

Start here.

DaveR, Thank you for the response! And thank you in advance if you post the way you created that!

Just passing by and a quick stab at it… very tired and time to crash. Will see what fresh eyes do tomorrow, and BRAIN!! …Peace…

and this…Voul_spirl.skp (392.9 KB)

getting closer…

Here’s a somewhat laborious method using native tools.



wow thats awesome gully! did you do this? Thank you! this will do…

I am building a fireplace mantle for a lady and Im having the legs Cut on a CNC. I wanted to draw it in sketchup so I could send them the file and this will help me a lot!