Problems with a Drawn Object

The file attached is a drawing of a portion of an Ionic Order column capital. There are ‘open’ spaces that I would like to cause to close and create faces. I don’t know if this is possible nor how to do it if it is

On the face side, there is a ribbon crossing between the 2 volutes. You will notice that it does not form a face. I don’t know why. I cannot find any open spaces in the lines (but that might be a mindset conceptual problem on my part).

Rotating to the rear side, you will see that the area where the volute faces were extruded is now ‘open’. After the extrusion of those faces, I need to ‘close’ the area so that it can be extruded, front to rear, across the capital core and maintain the appearance of a solid without leaving the the extruded ribbon spaces as hollows. In other words, I’d like to establish the depth of the surface behind the ribbon folds at a fixed depth and extrude that area as a solid across the capital. (Hard to describe so I included the file.)

Lastly, I accidentally erased lines at the rear of the outer edge of the ribbon volute. Short of redrawing the figure, is there a way to re-establish those lines?

Problem.skp (259.6 KB)

Look at the image attached to this post:

I copied the four edges that do not form a face.
The values for blue show differences meaning (here) that they aren’t coplanar.
Furthermore there appear to be two gaps. In this case I missed two thiny edges that form the connection to get a close loop, still not coplanar.
Move two vertices to get rid of the thiny gaps. And then move these vertices in blue direction to equal the opposit side vertices. Thus making them coplanar. Then redraw an edge to create the missing face.

With your help and that of others , and persistence, I finally got it drawn.

Thank you!!

Thank you, Sir!

Will you be reversing those blue faces?

Sorry, but I don’t understand the question.

The blue faces in your model indicate those faces are reversed. The blue color is the back face color. You should correct them so all visible faces are white.

AH! Thanks, yes I will reverse the faces.