How do I draw all surfaces without lighting effects or shadows?

How can I turn off the attempts at realism and just draw like a technical blueprint where textures show regardless of the surface angle? I don’t need 3D for this, but I do need to see cross hatching, lines, dot-fill etc. uniformly. If I turn on “shadows” then more of the surfaces draw like this, but then I have the shadows. I want to print several views of an object without any kind of lighting effects.

Try this: Go to the View tab at the top of the screen and choose Face Style. Select Hidden Line. That will disable the shading.

Thank-you! Unfortunately, that is not it. What I need is “textures” not “shaded with textures”. How do I get just the textures? It seems like an obvious thing, but there does not seem to be any way to do it.

One way is to output a DWG file, and you just get lines. You can also use a style with just edges, no colors, and print with Vector printing. On a Mac, at least, you can save your print out as pdf

Printed output results.

Lines only print vectored

Sorry. I misunderstood.

I believe you can also get the vectored output by going through Layout.

You want to be able to see textures but with no shading, correct? Go to the Shadows panel. Turn on Use sun for shading. Then set the Light slider toward the left and the Dark slider toward the right until you get the appearance you want.


Here is ALMOST the right thing, when shadows are turned on most of the surfaces render cleanly, but some are still in shadow.

When shadows are off, a lot of surfaces are shaded which makes it harder to see the materials in use:

You can see the surfaces look like quite different materials, and many different materials can end up looking like exactly the same shadow. This will cause mistakes if I use those as technical drawings.

@DaveR’s method seems to work here.

Yes! That is it. The magic is the Sun, then the sliders do useful things. I had used the sliders but not at the same time as the sun.
Thank you!

Just a bit of an explanation for that, normally the light comes from the direction of the camera so as you move it shades. Using sun means it is a fixed light source. (unless you change the time or geolocation)