Hidden line mode with textures


Is there a way to turn on hidden line mode and still be able to see textures? Or have a style that has no shading but textures are still visible?
What I am trying to do could be done by using hidden line mode and photoshop but it would increase the amount of work which I don’t like.


Your question doesn’t make a lot of sense but I’m guessing that if you go to the Shadows window, turn on Use Sun For Shading, set the Light slider all the way to the left and the Dark slider toward the right, you’ll get what you are after.

I thought it makes sense btw. Your suggestion did lead me to a solution. I turned on the “Use sun for shading” and I turned light and dark sliders all the way to right (100) and it works like “Display in hidden line mode” under the Styles / Edit / Face Settings / Style. Except I can now also see textures.
Thank you.

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Did you try what I suggested at all?

Whoops. both ways work.

Notice you can control how light or dark the overall image is by exactly where you place the Dark slider.

Maybe you can mark this solved for others who might have the same question.