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I have used the option before, but for the love of… &%#" I can not find it again :slight_smile: My case is this.
I have made a draving of a build in Sketchup Pro, with textures and all, to show how its gonna look in the end.
Now I want to print the drawing but without the textures and all, if you understand what I mean.I just want the basic drawing no colors… no sky no nothing other than just the lines… I have done this before but I can not remember how to do it anymore. Anyone have a suggestion for me ?

Go to View>Face Style and select Hidden Line. This can also be set in the Styles tool bar or in the Styles window. Depending on other style settings, you may need to edit the background color in the Edit tab or the Styles window.

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Thank you so very much! You saved me a couple of hours there! :slight_smile:

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