Textures and dots and grey shadows

First sorry for my English…
I need to apply simple textures like dots/hatches. I found some.
I use Sketchup for technical blueprints. Simple ones.
The problem is that I can not have all the sides white. I only need edges, no effect, no scene.
When I use some styles it work fine but dots disappear…
Do you mean?
Help please
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Share one of your SketchUp files so we can see what you are working with.

Hi Dave
In fact, there are few styles.
The one on the picture is perfect for me because it’s all white and clear.
BUT I need to display textures. As i chose to display textures, it does display shaded too, and I don’t want it to.
is it possible to display textures (like dot, hatches, lines) but without shaded effect?

Maybe. Your profile and the category you chose indicate you are using SketchUp Free which is web based. Your screenshot comes from SketchUp for desktop (Pro). Which one are you really using?

In order to display textures you must use Shaded with Texture but you might be able to deal with the shading. It depends on what versio you are really using and the way you have the model set up. Again, share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

I’m trying the vrious versions of Sketchup to know wich one I need to get, that’s why. If Pro is the solution I’ll buy it

If you are doing this for more than a hobby, you need Pro anyway.

FWIW, this might be a thing that is better done in LayOut, anyway. This is something I did a while back. 3D model in SketchUp, hatches in the section views are added in LayOut.

Lineweights are controllable in LayOut and all text is added there.

It’s a hobby. But If the only way to have white textures is to pay, maybe I’ll pay, maybe I’ll try something else.

You can experiment with shadow settings but there are a lot of shadow options in the free version.

In fact, I have been using fusion 360 but I had the same problem. I dont know layout. I’m trying Free too but it’s so different… For example I can’t find standard top view… I’m losing time with it

Right in the middle of the views at the top of the Scenes panel.
Screenshot - 9_1_2023 , 6_25_53 AM

In free? Sorry but I cant see it, I have no scene panel

It’s hard to be a newbie again :woozy_face:

Open the Scenes panel.
Screenshot - 9_1_2023 , 6_37_18 AM

FWIW, this model was done for a different thing but I just made this quick image. The hatching is a native sketchy lines texture. The shading was eliminated with Shadow settings which are available in Pro but not SketchUp Free. Image was exported from LayOut after doing a Hybrid render. It could be made better but for two minutes of screwing around …

Thanx, I can remove grey surface effects by tuning shadows. Great