How to create a clear blueprint how to delete all kinds of " hatch "

I exported the model to Layout . Now I want to create plans and cross-sections . The problem is that all the textures of the materials are , stay , and I do not know how to delete them . I want to remain just lines of the walls that I cut and lines of perspective , but everything is " full " textures / colors / shades . Everything that the original model of the Sketchup .
Everything is one block . It can not be erased . I try to delete the texture , the " hatch " of the wall I see , say , but then deleted all the drawing board …
I tried to draw a shape on what I want to hide , and "paint " it white - the problem is that it does not come out exactly.
What to do??

Go back to the SketchUp model and create scenes to show what you want to see in LayOut. Change the Face Style to Hidden Line and edit the style to have a white background if it doesn’t already. Then use the scenes from SketchUp as the viewports in LayOut.

It’s probably worth picking up a book on using LayOut. There are several out there including one from SketchUp to LayOut.

thank you very much Dave!!


Thank a look to the following post:

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