Features Requests

I suppose someone can make a request if they felt there would be enough users into it.

  1. Exactly what are those “Patent Margins”? How large?

  2. Can you provide an example of the “Shade Lines” you are referring to? I did a Google search and got lots of different images.

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I would ask the community for tips.

Considering there’s probably only a small percentage of LayOut users who are doing Patent drawings, it would be easy enough for them to create their own templates with suitable margins. Those templates could be shared.

The shading could be done with textures in SketchUp.

It’s unfortunate that the author of that video is teaching such poor LayOut workflow.

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You could ask about tutorials.


No. Not with Hidden Line but you can get the Hidden Line appearance with textures if desired. Selecting the Hidden Line style in LayOut is part of the poor workflow exhibited in that video.

It depends on the textures.

Yeah probably the best place to look.

No. You misunderstood. You can eliminate the shading that SketchUp normally uses to show the 3D-ness of the model (which is what Hidden Line does) while still showing textures. It’s done with shadow settings. Use Sun for Shading, Light and Dark sliders crossed.


I just used one of the sketchy materials included with SketchUp for this screen shot but you could make your own if you want.

I don’t, yet, but there’s at book by Nick Sonder and Matt Donley that would be a good start. It is more oriented toward using LayOut for architectural use but it’s got some good information.

Someone here might have some links.

Talk about patents?
Here is a link to the original patent of SketchUp itself:


Which inspired me to make some kind of karate-kata-practice for long sunday mornings…

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