How do I do this

I am trying to learn how to draw patterns for leather craft projects and be able to print to scale afterwards, my current problem is being able to draw 1mm holes on a arc and have the center of the hole 5mm apart on the outline of the drawing (stitching holes)

Try drawing it larger - use metres and pretend they are mm.

Otherwise, you’ll run into problems with the holes having very short edges.

Use the Move/Copy tool for the straight runs of holes, and Rotate/Copy for the rounded corners.

Then print to a scale of 1mm=1m.

Thanks John, I don’t get the Rotate/Copy part, is there maybe a link you can recommend ?

Type q for Rotate (yes, you wonder why Q, but they ran out of letters - R is for Rectangle). That activates the Rotate tool.

Tap the Ctrl key (Windows) or Alt/Option key (Mac) - you will see a + sign beside the tool. That changes the action to Rotate/Copy. Judge the angle you need to get approximately 5mm spacing - better to make it evenly divisible into 90°.

Type a number then x to repeat the copy the desired number of times.

(The same works for straight line repeats in the Move tool, which as you might expect is activated with m for Move. Tap the Ctrl or Alt/Option key to make it Move/Copy, make the first move, then number x to repeat that number of times.)

See the Learning Centre at and watch the videos there to get the hang of the tools. Or use the Instructor window in Sketchup itself.

Please correct your profile. SamsungRV510 isn’t an Operating System. And search this forum for how to find out what your graphics card is. Not important for this topic, but it often is, and you will get more appropriate help for other graphics related issues you may have.

My Q or R does nothing on my sketchup, I have the sketchup pro 2015

It should. Are you pressing the shift key? it is NOT a capital letter - which is why I showed it as a lower case letter (in bold only for emphasis).

Yes, shift and lower case q or r

NO SHIFT. Lower case q or m. Just tap the letter key itself.

nothing happens even when i just press the q or m

Then just select the Rotate and Move tools from the toolbar. Maybe you need to reset the keyboard shortcuts.


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Looks as if Dave is using Rotate/Copy by 90°, then number followed by / (Forward slash - Divide the angle by number instead of x to repeat the angle) - to divide the rotation by number.

This is only the case if you stick with the default shortcut keys of course. Many people do not. For example, I use R for rotate because it makes sense, and O is orbit, because that is logical. Can’t assume everyone is using defaults.

I can’t imagine wasting a shortcut key for orbit.


Thank you very much John and Dave, Much appreciated

Neither can I! I don’t even use the shortcut — obviously mouse is all I need — but I needed Q for something thing else. :slight_smile:

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I still have O for orbit for when I’m stuck without my mouse and have to use the trackpad.

I always thought it was because the Q looks like the rotate tool, a degree wheel with a handle.


got this part but to know that they are 5mm apart in the center

and 4mm away from the line/arc

You can do that several ways. Put some holes in and measure them to see. Or you could draw a circle with a 5mm radius centered on the first one and use that as a guide. You can fuss with it but I’m guessing you’ll get close enough for what you are doing.

If the first one is 4mm from the edge and you rotate copy on the center of the arc, the others have to be the same distance. That’s just fundamental geometry.

Getting them the same spacing as along the straight edge runs afoul of that nasty math number named pi. It is only possible for very specific values of the radius and spacing. So, as @DaveR suggests, get close and then go with it.