How Do I... design a bed frame?

May i enquire, as to whether it is possible for me to design a wooden bed frame using this tool, and to specify the dimensions of timber to be used, or to “draw” the dimensions

And then for the software to provide an itinerary of components?

I’ve never used this before, and would very much appreciate kind warm on topic and not to be told to go and Google, I’ve done that and found YOU

thank you in advance

It is certainly possible to model a bed frame with all the parts and to specify exact dimensions. You can use the Dimension Tool to add dimensions in the model to guide you with construction. The desktop versions of SketchUp allow you to add an extension that will give you a cut list or “itinerary of parts”. The online version doesn’t have that option currently.

If this is a commercial thing, you’ll want SketchUp Pro which also includes LayOut for the documentation side.

Here’s an example of one of many beds I’ve modeled in SketchUp and an exploded view.

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Wow!!! Super quick reply

No , this is for my first build of a “floating bed”. I have a paper design and rough dimensions ,but would like to ensure it is viable and “visualise” what it might look like

I’ve never used SketchUp, they’re may well be more suitable apps, but if I can do it here, model it, and print off a list of components for Savoy Timber here (my local supplier) then EXCELLENT

any suggestions where on earth I would start are more than welcome

Thank you

I would start with the desktop version of SketchUp. If this is just a hobby thing, use SketchUp 2017 Make. Otherwise use SketchUp 2019. Get either one from here:

And then, before you model the bed, learn how to use SketchUp. Start with this:

Thank you so so much for that advice

Once you’ve gotten a grasp of the basics by watching the tutorials, come back and ask specific questions when you run into a problem. Several of us are woodworkers and can surely help.

Purrrfect. Much appreciated Sir