Designing wooden bedframe

Hello All

I am new to sketchup. Am interested in how to place rectangles on to other rectangles accurately.

I am trying to draw a 81 inch by 13 inch by .75 inch panel with three 7 inch by 23 inch openings.

I can get as far as drawing the panel but cannot figure out how to draw the openings.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Are you trying to draw this bed to use as a plan?

As far as the opening in the panel go, you can use guidelines placed with the Tape Measure tool to layout where the opening will be and then use the Rectangle or Line tool to trace the guidelines. Push/Pull will make the holes, then.

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Hello Dave

Thank you for your response.

Yes I am wanting to use it as a plan.

I have been drawing on a drafting table for years and a friend suggested sketchup.

After a couple of frustrating and mildly successful evening I though I would reach out on the forum

Thanks you again and regards

Hi Brian,

It’s a good thing to reach out rather than get frustrated.

I sent you a PM.