How do I create a shop drawing of furniture that I am designing for my dining room?

How do I create a shop drawing of furniture that I am designing for my dining room?

Draw the furniture full size.

Read Help and getting started videos for the basics of using SketchUp.

Make a Sketch up component for every separate piece of wood, ply, etc you will make in real life.

Always keep Layer0 as current layer.

Assign other layers only to components (or groups, but I find little use for groups).

When you want to print shop drawings, search this forum for ‘printing to scale’ in Make. It can be tricky.

For scale drawings you must use Camera/Parallel projection, and a standard view (e.g., Top, Front, Side).

As John has written, make components of each piece that you would make in the shop. Copy components when you have more than one that is the same. Mirrored parts such as left and right chair legs, aprons or table leaves can be instances of the same component. You can make scenes for exploded views and individual parts which can have dimensions added as needed.

If you need scaled drawings such as for patterns, they can be made with SketchUp Make although it is much easier to do in LayOut which is included with Sketchup Pro.

Here’s an example showing an overall view of a model for a workbench and one of the sheets from the plan I created from the model. I did use LayOut for the plan.


Thank You


I have written a plugin Comp2LayerScene v4.0 that is available at SketchUcation Form or I could send you a rbz file to install.
With this program you select a part (comp or group) and with the context click (right click on win) select part2drawing and the program adds a scene with the part (1 3d view or 6 ortho projections) which you can dim and print.
There is a you tube video of an older version.
Or read the new help file to get an idea of how it works.
K2ws_Comp2LayerScene.txt (4.2 KB)


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