How do I create a hole in a sphere?

So I’m trying to create a sphere pot and I just don’t know how to create a hole in the sphere. !

Create a “cutter” object and intersect the cutter with the sphere, then delete the unwanted edges and faces. The cutter can be any shape you want - a cylinder, rectangular prism, a simple plane (to lop off a chunk of the sphere), etc.

The cutter and the object to be cut must be in the same context (such as the top-level of the model space, or both in the same Group, or both in the same Component). Sometimes it is helpful to create the cutter in a separate context initially (in its own group, say) and then copy/paste-in-place and explode the into the context with the geometry to be cut.

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Just went through solving this same issue. I found the following extension and video very helpful. Hope this helps …

check out VisuHole - a free extension from Fredo6 that allows you to quickly and easily punch holes in different objects inside of SketchUp

The op is using the web version in which Extensions don’t work.

If you can orient the sphere so that the hole will be centered about the pole, it will often make the operation cleaner because that will avoid possible issues with all the narrow slices where the lines of longitude converge at the pole. If fact, if you want to cut a circular hole, you may be able to do so by erasing edges from the pole down to an appropriate latitude.