How do I convert my project to a different template?

New user here, I created a project in one template, but I want to change it to a different template. Can I export it and then import it into the new template?

You can copy the geometry in the old file, then start a new document with the template you want, and then paste in place.
Or, just change your settings in your current document to match the settings in the other template. Templates are not set in stone, they are just collections of unit and style settings that can be changed at any time.

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Well, I think I figured it out. I exported it as a Collada file and then imported it into the new template. Seems to be working fine.

Thanks for the quick response! I tried changing the template in settings, but it didn’t work, it continued as the old template. You mentioned changing the settings, but I’m not seeing where that is done as far as changing the project from feet and inches to just inches (which is all I want to do).

You can just be careful about your template or version of sketch, but as Aussi said, you can do a copy/paste of objet

Good luck

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Why would you make a Collada export? Just change the style, units etc.

I’m new at this, where do I change the units?

Window>Model Info>Units.

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Lets not forget adjusting Style options.

You can set up different Scenes with different Styles, section cuts, and other attributes saved to each scene.

It’s time to set up custom templates after you know all your favorite stuff. Do this with a fresh file, with no extra stuff - like textures and geometry - that you don’t need to reproduce in every SKP file you create.


Thanks, but that didn’t help change the units from feet/inches to just inches.

Are you trying to change existing dimensions? You asked how to change units, not existing dimensions.

Yeah, sorry, I didn’t make that clear. Trying to change units on an existing project.

Can you share the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got? Changing the Units in Model info changes the dimensions.

Ceiling - 1st floor.skp (167.5 KB)

Ok, I was doing it wrong. I thought it would change it on the fly, but I had to close that Model Info window to make the changes appear. Thanks for the help!

Mac and PC difference.

The model doesn’t remember which template it was created from. The template is simply the file you open when “creating a new file”. After that the model isn’t linked to the template.

All information of any template file can at any time be added to any model. Typically this would be the units, the style and maybe the scale figure.

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