How do I buy a second license for another profile in the same e-mail


I am having trouble trying to buy a second Sketchup License for my company.

I used to have two annual plans with an sketchup licensed reseller in my area, however I started buying it directly from the Trimble website some months ago.

When I bought the first license (from sketchup directly), which was supposed to go to my company profile, it ended up being purchased in my personal profile.

personal profile above / company profile bellow

I wasn’t able to find a login/buy option for my company, since both my personal and company profiles use the same email, and when I try to buy the second license, the website just tries to renew the license I already have.

How do I buy a second license for my company profile?

Is there a way to move the license I already own towards my company profile?

Hello, I had the same issue recently, I find it not very intuitive…

on the sketchup free line, click on upgrade, it’ll add another pro license and the sketchup free line will be kept. You’ll then have to go to the members section to assign the licenses to other users / mail addresses

As for using your personal mail for your company, this was not very wise :slight_smile: ! i’m not sure how you can move the licenses to another mail, perhaps @colin can help you with that.

edit : I see you’re talking about the account name, which is in your case called personal account. Don’t worry, as long as the mail you used belongs to the company.
I have no idea how the account system works, I have 4 different ones, It seems I can’t delete one nor rename any of them

if you’re sharing the email (account?), wouldn’t it just be another seat under that account? in my example i only have a single seat (in use) but if i wanted to run a second instance without micomanaging my license, i’d get a second seat so i could run it on two machines at the same time.

Ok, I think I got it now!

I actually tried that route, however when I tried to buy the second license I got a random “Proration deduction” discount.

I assumed it meant my current license would be renewed (setting the new renewal date to Apr 8th of the next year), and the discount was the remaining time left on my current license that would not be used, since it would be renewed when I concluded the purchase.

I just now realized this date is the same date my license expires, so it doesnt mean I will be changing the renewal date of my original license, but just buying a new one.

Since the second license will be tied to the date of the first one, this discount is the time that I “lost” since the license will expire before the one year mark.

But I agree with you Paul, this “account” system is pretty non-intuitive, I think it would be much less confusing if you could choose/mange these profiles, or at least choose in which one you’re buying the license.

Yeah, I just find it weird that this “AVAILABLE SEATS” count just doesn’t appear anywhere on my “Account Management” page, so I had no idea I could buy more seats for the same license.

Maybe that’s something for the devs to look up to.

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This is the way…
A prorated discount means that you’re not paying the full amount for the extra seat because it shall get the same expiry date.
For the extra seat, you only pay the (days to expiry date)/365 times the amount of a full year.

Your seats are managed under the same ‘account’ and will be billable when a next term is up and then you would pay 2x seats for the next year.

If just buying a second, you will wind up with an extra account with another expiry date than you now have, which make it more complicated.

That does not apply, meaning, it does not make a difference for the amount of devices which can be attached to a Trimble ID.
One Trimble ID can only hold three desktop devices (and three mobile)
Therefore, the second (or third etc.) should be assigned to another Trimble ID

so if i have 2 seats - i cannot run on a laptop and a desktop? it’s just a meaningless license unless it’s assigned to a separate account? so - i’d need my glenn1 account assigned with seat 1 on my laptop, and glenn2 account assigned with seat 2 on my desktop?

that’s a bit awkward as i would like to keep both devices active and in sync… so in my case, creating a second google account (as i use my google account for my desktop and laptop for google products and those products using the google authentication - like SU)

You can have access to three devices with one Trimble ID (consider the third as a bonus, since according to the EULA, one only is allowed two)
So, typically you would have a sign in on the desktop in the office and on your laptop for home/field.

Each version of SketchUp counts as a device, btw…So, a seat = 3 devices but since a Trimble ID is allowed to be signed in on 3 devices, it is of no use to assing more than one seat to that Trimble ID…

hmmm. so two seats allow for single id on multiple devices? i think you meant each instance of SU is a device, not version :slight_smile:

as far as a single seat (like i have) there is no option to run both the laptop and desktop without going into the product manager and clearing the devices and then authorizing whichever one i’m going to be using. so the “free” third license requires 2 seats (or more) unless somehow my math is fuzzier than normal…

No, I did not.
One can have as many instances running of one version as one need, ofcourse per machine.

Maybe you are still logged in an older version on one of the machines.

so if i want to run the latest SU 2024 identical on my desktop AND my laptop without having to manage the devices - one seat or two?

You might have to sign out version 2023 (or 2019/2020/2021/2022) on one or both machines.
It doesn’t matter how many seats you assign to a Trimble ID, you can only sit on one seat:



thanks! and in this scenario? i can just use both my desktop and laptop with a single seat? or i need 2 seats to seamlessly switch?

You can see available / total seats on the “Plan Settings” page, and also upgrade from there, which will allow you to buy more seats.

You can choose which profile (actually called “account”) the licenses are bought in by clicking on the account dropdown (showing “Personal Account”/“DIARC…” for you). It will then switch you to the different account with the same email address (trimble ID).

The system is a hierarchy. An account has many members. The subscriptions belong to the account. The subscriptions can be assigned to the members of an account.

When you login to Trimble Account, then you can choose which of the accounts that you are a member of to look at. If you are an account admin or similar you are allowed to allocate subscriptions, and add/remove members from the account.

There’s no way to manage/rename the accounts from within Trimble accounts, but there are other systems with that capability that are internal use only, so you can raise a support ticket if you need to do that.


Just one license for that, a license allows you to use up to 3 machines and switch between tham at will.

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