How do I apply texture this way?

How do I apply texture this way?

I use v-ray for rendering
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Cut the faces.

Take the wooden element (mine is green), and on its surface, you draw lines and arcs and stuff to separate it in two faces.

Then apply the second texture (the kitkat photo in your case) and edit its position / scaling.

Once the first wood piece is ok, using the paint bucket tool, you can eyedrop it (command click on mac, probably ctrl or alt click on pc) and use it to paint the next parts. It’ll keep the same position.

this is a neat trick, basically whenever you adjust the position and scale of a material, by default the material in the material panel will still remain as it was.
but if you eyedrop the face where you adjusted the material, then paint other faces, they’ll use the changed version.

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Very cool. Thank you very much for the detailed instructions. Got it

I don’t want to create a separate topic. Could you tell me why some models have these black elements at the intersection of the edges?