How do I access my projects after my free trial ended?

Dear reader,

So I started the free trial of Sketchup Pro 2020 a month ago, and today it expired. Except now I can no longer access my projects I built, and they are really important because they are for my final school project that is due in 5 days. Please help me. How do I access the files that I created in the free trial version of Sketchup Pro 2020?

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Jelmer Jonker

You could open them in Sketchup Free, the web-based version.

For future reference, it’s not a great idea to do something important in a trial version of any software unless you intend to purchase the license by the time the trial period ends.

Thank you for your response!

I was actually planning on purchasing the license afterwards, but I was finished rather quickly, so I figured not to purchase it. Now just one day after the expiration date, I realised I had yet to make screenshots of my project.

How exactly do I access my files through Sketchup Free. I am looking through all the options and I can’t seem to locate them. Thank you in advance.

Click on the pancake menu (horizontal lines) in the upper left corner. Choose Open and then add the file from your computer.

You are my hero, sir! You probably don’t even realize how much you have helped me. You truly saved my entire project. Thanks!!!

I wish you a very pleasant day!

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a very happy person